b'Fineliners & Highlighters gel inkG105 Rollerballproduct group reference: BL-G1-5Pilot is the pioneer and market leader in gel ink rollerballs.The gel ink pioneer from PilotThe fluidity of our ink, positioned between oil-based andPrecision is guaranteed with the fine 0.5mm tipliquid ink allows for an extremely smooth writing experience. Contoured barrel helps to keep you comfortableLead by the Pilot G-2; a renowned best-seller all over the World,when writing for long periods of timefor over 20 years Pilots gel ink collection is notorious for itsTungsten carbide ballquality and reliability. Durable, thanks to the carbide tungstenRefillable using BLS-G1-5 ball and environmentally friendly thanks to the refills.The colour range is the widest in the Gel ink market, with over 30 bright colours including, pastel and metallic colours.0.5mm tip size / 0.32mm line widthRefillablePAGE 1112b r l20'