b'Fineliners & Highlighters gel inkB2P GEL RETRACTABLE ROLLERBALLproduct group reference: BL-B2P-7-BGUnique retractable gel penMade using PET from recycled drinks bottlesSmooth-writing gel ink gives a writing experience thatglides across the page Refillable using BLS-G2-7Medium 0.7mm tip size / 0.35mm line widthRefillableOverprinted OptionRecycled 89.79%PAGE 1510 24 120b r l gsynergy pointproduct group reference: BLRT-snp5Discover the retractable Synergy Point from Pilot.A unique pen which thanks to the innovative Synergy Tip combines a fine line with a very smooth writing experience. Thanks to the unique design of the hybrid tip which combines the advantages of a cone tip and a needle tip, it is very durable and resistant to bending. Refillable using BLS-SNP5 - Save yourself money and reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill by refilling your Pilot Synergy Point pen instead of buying a new one.Medium 0.5mm tip size / 0.25mm line widthRefillable24PAGE 18 12b l24'