b'Fineliners & HighlightersBALLPOINTPILOT KLEER Rexgrip Retractable Ballpointproduct group reference: BL-LFP7 product group reference: BRG-10F/M-BGErasable ballpoint pen Retractable Ballpoint PenThermo-sensitive erasable ink Waterproof, oil-based inkClassic stick pen styling Comfortable, ergonomic intergrated rubber gripIdeal for learning to handwrite perfectly Available in 2 different nib sizesErase mistakes simply by rubbing with the eraser stud on Refillable using RFNS-GG-F or RFNS-GG-Mthe cap of the pen 0.7mm tip gives a 0.35mm medium line. Fine 0.7mm tip size / 0.27mm line widthMedium 1.0mm tip size / 0.31mm line widthRefillableRecycled 77.7%*PAGE 19PAGE 1812 4 8 10b r l g V P b r l g vFine only available in black & blueSuper Grip Retractable Ballpoint Feed GP4 4 Colour Retractable Ballpointproduct group reference: BPGP-10R-M product group reference: BPKG-35RM/BPKG-35RM-BGRetractable ballpoint penRetractable Ballpoint penErgonomic rubber grip provides writing comfortFour colours, one penDurable tungsten-carbide tipWaterproof, oil-based inkWaterproof oil-based with visible ink levelBlack, Red, Blue and Green inkRefillable using RFNS-GG-MRefillable using RFNS-GG-M1.0mm tip size / 0.31mm line width 1.0mm tip size / 0.31mm line widthRefillable RefillableOverprinted Option Overprinted Option (Black Barrel only) PAGE 18 Recycled 78%* (Black barrel only) PAGE 20Black Clear24 10 12b r l b r l gbBarrel available in black or clearC31'