b'ARTS & CRAFTSFineliners & HighlightersParallel Pen 1.5 / 2.4 / 3.8 / 6.0mmproduct group reference: FP3-15 /FP3-24 / FP3-38 / FP3-60The breakthrough in calligraphy pen technology: theParallel Pen!Stainless steel double-blade nib creates precisesharp linesCan produce attractive, graduated colours by transferringink from one pen nib to anotherRefillable using ICP-3 Cartridges1.5mm nib size / 0.5mm to 1.3mm line width2.4mm nib size / 0.5mm to 2.2mm line width3.8mm nib size / 0.5mm to 3.6mm line width6.0mm nib size / 0.5mm to 5.7mm line widthRefillablePAGE 2211.5mm 2.4mm 3.8mm 6.0mmb rDrawing Pen Lettering Penproduct group reference: SW-DR product group reference: SW-DRLHigh quality drawing pen suitable for architectural work, High quality calligraphy pen available in three tip sizesdrawing and design Flat headed tip allows for easy italic and calligraphic fontsPolyacetal tip is hardwearing and snap-resistant Polyacetal tip is resistant to wearPigment ink is fast-drying and light-resistant, but can beused for line and wash art techniques Innovative ink prevents the tip from drying outInnovative ink prevents the tip from drying out Pigment ink is fast-drying and light-resistantAvailable in 5 tip sizes0.5mm tip size / 0.28mm line width(01) 1.0mm tip size / 0.3mm to 1mm line width0.6mm tip size / 0.35mm line width(02) 2.0mm tip size / 0.3mm to 2mm line width0.8mm tip size / 0.4mm line width(03) 3.0mm tip size / 0.5mm to 3mm line width1.0mm tip size / 0.5mm line width(05)1.2mm tip size / 0.8mm line width(08)PAGE 22 PAGE 2212 3 5 24 12 24b b33'