b'Fineliners & HighlightersSpotliter VWAll of our highlighters have a polyester fibre chiselled tip; perfectproduct group reference: SW-SLVW-BGfor colour-coding, underlining or ear-marking text or figures. Two fluorescent colours in one incredible penIncluded in the range is FriXion Light and FriXion Light Soft,Pure Liquid ink gives astonishingly vivid colourswith thermo sensitive ink they are the worlds first erasable ink Hard wearing polyacetal fibre tip that wont splinterhighlighters! or break up on youInk regulator system ensure smooth ink flow to thelast dropPerfect for school, college, university and the office3.6mm tip size / 3.3mm line widthChisel TipRecycled 71.1%* PAGE 2310Y P38'