b'Fineliners & Highlighters MARKERSSuper Colour broadchisel tip MarkerSuper Color markers product group reference:sca-b Bonded acrylic fibre tip retains its shape Metal barrel Works on almost any surface Hard-wearing tip Suitable for use on wood, paper, glass, Permanent Inkcard, metal, even rubber! Robust aluminium barrel Permanent, xylene free ink which is Chisel tip/ 2.0 to 4.5mm kinder to the environment line widthXylene FreeChisel TipPAGE 29Chisel tip pens12b r lSuper Colour extra broad chisel tip Markerproduct group reference:sca-6600Metal barrelHard-wearing tipPermanent InkChisel tip/ 3.0 to 12.5mm line widthXylene FreeChisel TipPAGE 2912 41b r l g44'