b'Fineliners & HighlightersdisplaysFrixion ballOur innovative 24 piece cardboard displays are available for many of our most popular products. Each unit comes pre-filled with 24 pens.Simply remove the outer transit packaging, lift up the header card and place in yourfrixion ball 24 piece Display:store.These units are very compact, with a footprint of just 130mm x 95mm. bl-fr718x b 6x lG2 Rollerball 12x b 12x lG2 24 Piece Display: 4x B 4x L 4x rBL-G2-7 4x g 4x v 4x Lb18x b 6x l8x SB 4x WR 4x CP PAGE 64x B 4x L 4x V 4x PU 4x AO4x P 4x LB 4x LGG2 METALIC 24 Piece Display:BL-G2-7 frixion clicker12x GD 12x SIfrixion clicker 24 Piece Display:12X L 6x V 6x P BLRT-FR718x b 6x lG2 VICTORIA 24 Piece Display: PAGES 12 & 13BL-G2-7-va12X b 6x l 6x vG2 Neon 24 Piece Display:G2 pastel 24 Piece Display: BL-G2-7BL-G2-7 4x NP 4x NO 4x NY PAGE 78X Lb 8x V 8x P 4x NR 4x NAO 4x NGfrixion light &frixion fineliner Frixion light softfrxion fineliners classic d24 frixion light 24 Piece Display:sw-ff sw-fl6X b 6x l 6x r 6x g 8x g 8x y 8x pfrxion fineliners fun colours d24 frixion light soft 24 Piece Display:sw-ff sw-fl-soft6X v 6x o 6x p 6x lb PAGE 8 6x Po 12x Pv 6x Pp PAGE 9Synergy pointV5 | V7 Hi-tecpoint RollerballSynergy point 24 Display: V5 24 Piece Display:blRT-SNP5 BX-V512x b 12x l 18x b 6x lV7 24 Piece Display:BX-V718x b 6x lPAGE 15 PAGE 1Drawing Pen | Lettering Pen V Pen Disposable Fountain Pendrawing pen 24 piece displaysw-dr6X 01 6x 03 6x 05 6x 09 V Pen White 24 Piece Display:SVPN-4Wlettering pen 24 piece display 12x b 12x lsw-drl6X 01 6x 02 12x 03 V Pen Silver 24 Piece Display:SVP-4MPAGE 22 12x b 12x l PAGE 461'